Meet Our Supporters!

Christmas in Bethlehem is made possible by the generous support of our community. We would like to thank the following for everything they have done to guarantee the 2019 event is a success!


Green Mountain Rifle Barrel

Our Participants

Beech Hill Automotive, BeefStu, Bethlehem Elem School Chorus, Bethlehem Emergency Services, Bethlehem Fire Dept, Bethlehem Fire Dept Auxiliary, Bethlehem Police Dept, Bethlehem Post Office, Circle K, Durrell Methodist Church, George Mitchell,  John Saunders, Ken & Anne Smith, Heritage Society,Littleton Chevrolet, Marsha Dickerman, Marilyn Johnson, Ninety-Nine Restaurant, Pine Tree Power, Profile Chorus, Wayside Inn

Our Steering Committee

Jack Anderson, Phil Bell, Casey Bonilla, Angel Larcom, Sean Gawlik, Heidi Vaughn, Nick Trahan, Beck Breen, Patricia Anderson, Carole Hammarberg, Marsha Dickerman, Phil Reeder, Sarah Levy