Thank you for your interest in supporting the Christmas in Bethlehem Festival. It truly takes a village of volunteers to pull off this event. The most critical element of this one-day festival is that all activities remain free for all attendees, young and old. This foundation ensures that everyone can enjoy Christmas in Bethlehem without feeling any added financial pressure during the holiday season.

Why Donate?

Economic Impact

Year after year, Christmas in Bethlehem draws attendees who make a point to visit local friends and family or book lodging specifically for this event. While our event remains free, those visitors eat, play, stay, and shop in our immediate region, directly and positively impacting businesses in Bethlehem and surrounding communities.

Repeat Visits

Bethlehem has a rich history as The Start of the White Mountains and the heart of our region’s tourism, dating back to the 1800s. Christmas in Bethlehem has been drawing family and friends from afar since 2009, some of whom discovered this event by happenstance or accident. They enjoy the festive homespun holiday cheer of this event, and they tell us they return to Bethlehem each December specifically for it.

It Feels Good

Not everyone looks forward to this time of year, especially our residents with limited or fixed incomes. By ensuring that the entire event is free for all who attend, we guarantee a positive kickoff to the holiday season for our community, regardless of economic factors. When you get right down to it, there’s something quite magical about watching a community join together in celebration for celebration’s sake. What’s not to love?